These are our preferred bike partners. They produce many of the finest bikes in the world and we are delighted to be associated with them as they reflect our values, passion and pride in all we do!


Click on the links to visit their websites — browse through images and specifications of their latest bikes

We will be willing to discuss any matters regarding the bikes and don't forget we have many in stock to help with your decision making
All part of the service you get from your Local Bike Shop!!



We are happy to order in bikes, parts and accessories but please note you will be asked to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure the order
Alternatively you can CLICK and COLLECT bikes and/or gear from the GIANT or LIV websites
(Items are delivered to the store where they can be collected — bikes are assembled by us prior to handover)



We Service all brands

All our bikes are carefully assembled but during the first few weeks of riding, bike components tend to settle in and may then require adjustment. We therefore offer a free first service for all our bikes. This service is normally carried after 6 weeks of purchase and can be booked into the workshop at fairly short notice.

A well maintained bike performs at it's best and is joy to ride. To help you, the experienced technicians in our fully equipped workshop can service any make of bike* — from puncture repairs to tune ups to custom builds.

We encourage regular servicing on your bike (depending on use) as this often prevents the need for expensive repairs.


Usually, we do not fit parts/accessories purchased elsewhere, however in exceptional circumstances we may waive this condition but apply a surcharge of up to 50% to our normal labour rates

Due to space limitations we request that bikes are collected as soon as possible following completion of work carried out. Where collection is not made within a reasonable timescale we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for storage/inconvenience

Customers are requested to ensure bikes are cleaned before bringing them in for service or repair. We reserved the right to refuse to take bikes in or levy additional service charges were cleaning of bikes has not been carried out

* NB — We do not do electrical repairs/diagnostics on e-bikes other than GIANT and LIV



Parts and accessories are available through CLICK and COLLECT from GIANT and LIV.
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