The new season 2019 models are now available

Follow this link to the LIV website to view all the bikes and gear 2019 LIV BIKES and GEAR

All the new 2019 bikes over £500 are now available with 0% finance
£500+ 6 months interest free — £700+ 12 months interest free
£1000+ 24 months interest free — £1500+ 36 months interest free

Makes a great deal even better — ask in store or call for further information

LIV ROAD BIKES — Race, Performance and Endurance

LANGMA Advanced SL
LANGMA Advanced Pro Disc
LANGMA Advanced Pro
LANGMA Advanced

EnviLiv Advanced Pro Disc
EnviLiv Advanced Pro
EnviLiv Advanced

Avail Advanced Pro
Avail Advanced
Avail SL Disc
Avail SL

AVOW Advanced Pro — Triathlon bike
AVOW Advanced — Time trial and Triathlon bike


LIV Road bikes — sport/fitness/city

Thrive Disc
Alight — all models
Flourish — all models
Flourish FS
Halfway — folding 20" wheel


X-ROAD BIKES- on road and off road mix

Brava SLR Cyclo X bike
Rove — all models




Hardtail — XC and Trail

Obsess Advanced


Full Suspension

Embolden 120mm of travel
Pique SX 140mm+ travel
Intrigue Advanced 150mm travel
Hail 170mm travel


ELECTRIC BIKES — Hybrid Cycling Technology

All GIANT E bikes
All LIV E bikes



ALL LIV kids bikes here

ARX 16,20,24" wheel bikes
Enchant 24" wheel
Enchant Lite 20" wheel


Girls — First bike

LIV Adore 12" and 16" wheel

MY19 Langma ADPRO 1-PC_Color A - Edited
MY19 Langma ADV 1 D-HD_Color A - Edited
MY19 Avail ADV 1_Color A - Edited
MY19 Avail SL 2_Color A - Edited
MY19 Avail 1_Color A - Edited
MY19 Thrive 0_Color A - Edited
Alight-1-Disc - Edited
MY19 Flourish 3_Color A - Edited
MY19 Brava SLR_Color A - Edited
MY19 Rove 1 DD Disc_Color A - Edited
MY19 Rove 3 DD_Color A - Edited
MY19 Obsess ADV 2_Color A - Edited
MY19 Tempt 1_Color A - Edited
MY19 Pique SX 1_Color A - Edited
MY19 Intrigue ADV 1_Color A - Edited
MY19 Embolden 2_Color A - Edited
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